Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The One Written Outside

I'm blogging from the beautiful outdoors. I was curious to see if my router would work out in the back yard and it does!! Yay. Not that I plan to use this outside much, but nice to know :)

We've had a busy day... and haven't even gotten to our schoolwork yet! Since everyone was sick over the past week or so we have gotten a little behind on the housework. So today we got to it and cleaned, decluttered and scrubbed. The house looks great now.. tho the kitchen still needs to be mopped. I'm thinking about taking today off from school... it's so beautiful outside that I think we need to just live out here today. Although the bees are also enjoying this beautiful day and Levi is having a rough time with that. I've never seen him so keyed up. He's bouncing and acting very nervous. We talked a little and I tried to show him one of the bees up close, but he was too freaked. And he's not even the kid who has been stung!! I wonder if getting stung would calm his fears or make them worse??

We had a wonderful Easter celebration at my Moms. I really enjoy it when the whole family gets together... especially when we are able to relax and play game and just enjoy each other's company. We didn't have time to color eggs though, so the kids & I added that to today's 'jobs'. It was a fun job.... and we did it outside in this beautiful weather. :)

Now it's lunchtime... and because of the bees we're going to head inside for lunch. I can only imagine how Levi would act if a bee got near his sandwich!!!

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