Monday, May 11, 2009

The Vacation 09: Days 1 & 2

We started out yesterday morning right on time: 8 am. We got to the bank to get out some cash & they changed the ATM so you can't get $ out of a second checking account. So we headed back home so I could transer $ online from one account to the other and then back to the ATM and THEN we were on our way about 38 minutes later than originally planned.

We arrived at my friend Rachael's house around 11:30 and hung out for 2 hrs. I had never been there before and so it was nice to finally see her house. :) Then headed off for CT. We arrived in Mystic around 5:30... plenty of time to settle in before dinner & bed.

We 'slept in' this morning until 7!! Then up for an early bfast and off to the aquarium. That was so fun!! I did 3 new things today: I petted a sting ray, held a starfish (a live one) and learned about mermaid's purses. Sting rays felt very different than I expected them to feel. They were soft... which is not what I expected. We also got to see a Sea Lion show, which was neat! I told Matt I wanted one of those instead of a dog! LOL! He said it'd probably cost a little more to feed tho....

I'll try to get pictures up and going tomorrow. It was a lot of fun!! (for the kids too! LOL!)

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