Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Vacation '09: The Rest

Yah I totally slacked off writing about our vacation... lol! Sorry about that!!

Day 4 we relaxed a bit in the morning and then headed to an auto museum called America On Wheels. It had vehicles from horse drawn carriages to current cars. Mostly older cars tho. Tons of info and whoever started it thought of kids as they had whole areas in each room for children to play. I thought that was very creative and thoughtful. Unfortunately Sammy thought he should be allowed in ALL the vehicles and so I ended up taking him out to the car for a while. It worked out ok cause Alyssa needed to nurse then as well. He wanted to go back in and so we talked about the rules and he said he'd follow them. And he did. Sometimes he amazes me and seems so much older than 2.

After the Auto museum we headed to Lost River Caverns. They are caverns 100 ft under the ground w/ a small river flowing through them. The river comes from nowhere and goes nowhere... at least they can't find where it comes from and where it goes. THey've done a variety of experiements and still haven't figured it out! There's a "Crystal chapel" down there that has been the location for over 100 weddings! They can seat about 150 people in there, which is shocking to me. It looked too small.

After the Caverns we headed back to the hotel for an hour of swimming, then dinner, then bed. Phew!!

Day 5: This is the only day we ended up w/ rain and it worked out ok. We drove to Hershey, PA and went to Chocolate World. We went on the tour, which was a lot of fun and ocmpletely different from when I went back in 1984! After the tour we browsed the store, which is a dieter's worst nightmare! Ha ha! Ended up buying chocolate and a mug that I really liked. Then we all had chocolate milkshakes, which were SOOO yummy!!!

After Hershey we drove 3 hrs to my IL's house. We arrived about 20 minutes before my friend Jess and her hubby and children came. Once they arrived we all had dinner. My SMIL is THE BEST cook ever. Her food is sooo yummy!!!

After dinner we all went for a walk about my IL's 70 acres. It was so nice to walk and chat w/ Jess. It's been 8 years since we've seen each other! Her daughter and Beth are 5 weeks apart in age and they hit it off so well. It was like they had known each other forever... just like it was for Jess and I when we met 25 years ago. We always fall back into our friendship so comfortably. It's so nice to hang out with her. They stayed the entire weekend w/ us and it was great to hang out and visit like old times. They have a son who is about a year older than Sammy, but those 2 also hit it off really well. They were following each other everywhere. Sammy was talking about him for days after we got home.

Now we're home and enjoying being home. I'm getting the house back into order. It's amazing how much there is to do after a vacation!!

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