Thursday, May 7, 2009

The One About Today

We survived the errands alone. I ended up having 4 stops, which is ok, except having to buckle and unbuckle so many times is annoying. (Not me.. the kids!) The children were so well behaved, which I was very thankful for. After we were done I took them to the playground to run off some energy. We practically have a playground in our backyard w/ a swingset, a tree house and a sandbox, but there's something fun about getting to go to an actual playground. And it gave me time to read outside. :)

Today I'm home all day, so I'll be getting ready for the vacation. I already started dehydrating pineapples, bananas and apples. Matt loves dehydrated fruit on a trip. I'm also going to make oatmeal/white chocolate chip/craisin cookies.

Right now I have to tend to a wiggly toddler and a fussy baby... she's sooo crabby lately I'm a little nervous about this trip...


Rachael said...

I'm jealous. You get to read at the playground???? Maybe next year, I'll be able to do that.

I'm so excited for you for your trip. I love going on vacation. It's so nice to have a break in routine. Imagine, a full week without cleaning and cooking!

Living With A Handful said...

yah I know!! The kids go crazy playing so I don't have to do a thing except nurse the baby and read... Of course I keep an eye on them too :)

I'm so/so about the trip... but then you know that. :) It'll be fun, but I'm such a homebody it sounds stressful at times. :P