Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The One About Being Kind

We've been having issues here lately w/ the children being unkind to each other. They just seem to get on each other's nerves easily and blow up at the smallest things. I've been talking to them about being kind to each other. Then last weekend I had an idea for my family. We are to each draw a name & do something special for that person. I mentioned it to the kids & James decided to do it now and he decided to pick Beth. (he he... not exactly the way it works, but oh well). So today he's been doing special things for Beth. He drew her a picture, let her choose a movie and even offered to help her clean her room!

I think we'll draw a new name every day and spend the day making that person feel special up until Christmas. I know it could continue past Christmas, but I want it to be something special and not get to be 'old hat'.

Side Note: I'm so sad... my crock pot died! That thing is a life saver and now it's dead. :(


wimama05 said...

what a great idea!

melissa said...

that is a fantastic idea!