Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The One About My Husband's Job

Some people whom I've know for years from previous blogs/websites/IRL have asked me to update on this. DH has moved from auto body shop to auto body shop so many times over the years we've been married that I can't even recall all of the names. This year he has decided to embark on a new career path completely. He's now in the business of selling auto body supplies. He's a salesman/spokesman/face for the company he is working for. He spends his days traveling around our area, going to various shops and helping them to place orders, learn to use new supplies and answering any questions they may have. He started almost 2 weeks ago and so far likes it a lot. It's been very different for him & he says he feels like he's not working. The good thing for the company is that a lot of people know him and like him... in fact, he was able to get a shop to make an order yesterday and the shop hadn't placed an order w/ this company in 9 years! yah.... they're lucky to have him.

(Oh... & I'm lucky too cause it means he is home more often! woohoo!)

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