Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The One About Smiles, Coos and Children's Behavior

This morning Alyssa melted my heart. I crawled out of bed before she woke up and made bfast, lunches, etc. Then I peeked into my room and there she was, laying on the bed looking around. I said "Well, good morning sunshine." and she gave me the biggest, most heart warming smile she's given yet. Then we were dong school and she started 'talking'. It was so cute... she sat there looking at Nathan and making baby noises... so sweet.

Now, Sammy on the other hand, has been a complete pill this morning. He keeps throwing fits about EVERYTHING! I know he's not 100% healthy yet, but it's very annoying to hear his screaming.

However, I've been very thankful for Beth's help.... Lately she has had quite a knack for helping Sammy get out of his bad moods. She encourages him or distracts him. It's been so wonderful to see her growing and learning to help out more.

And despite the fighting we've been doing, I think that James is doing a little better too. He still fights and complains over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, but I'm realizing it's 6 y/o isms & that helps me because I realize he will outgrow it. So I try really hard to view each arguement as a teaching session. I also have decided not to tolerate any disrespect, so once he starts going off in a disrespectful manner he is put in his room until he can control himself. Once he gains control he comes out, apologizes and things are better. Phew. It's exhausting tho... I'm not saying it's easy. It takes a ton of patience and a lot of time to deal w/ him when he gets on his rampages, but I'm hoping & praying it will help in the end.

Off Topic:
We were given a few unexpected blessings of cash over these past couple of weeks and I am SO THANKFUL for them.... because that means I can pay all the bills this month despite Matt's small paychecks. What a blessing!!!

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