Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The One With Various Topics

Topic 1: It snowed a lot last night, so we made sure to get some good outside time after school was done. It's not too cold, thankfully. It's much easier to enjoy the snowy outdoors when it's not below 20 degrees. Even Alyssa was happy out there. My goal is to get some outdoor time daily, but that's difficult to do in the winter, especially when it get below 0, so I'm trying to get out as much as possible now cause I know we'll be cooped up later.

Topic 2: I was thinking the other day how much that we, even as adults, need our parents. I know some of us have "shunned" our parents in a way, but many of us still call them for various reasons. This hit me because of Sammy's tonsillitis. Who did I call when his fever hit 105? Not my Dr... I called Mom. And the time we were at my Moms house and Beth fell down and passed out? I called my step-dad to come help cause I was too scared. Over the years, tho I'm married & have children of my own I still find that I rely on my parents to keep me reassured when things are a bit scary... or to offer advice when I'm not sure what to do. I know it's not like this for all families, so I feel blessed that I am able to still have a good relationship with them.

Topic 3: Why can't children just do their chores w/out complaining? They have a chore chart, they are required to do the chores daily... and still it's a daily hour (or more!!) of complaining and me redirecting them back to doing their chores. (Cause they get distracted while doing them.) Case in point: Right now it's chore time. I'm sitting in the kitchen because James and Levi tend to bicker if I'm not w/ them. Annoying phase, but hopefully will be over soon... anyway. James' shirt is wet, so he needed to go change it. That was 3 minutes ago and he's still not back. Beth is cleaning the living room, but what she does is pick up one book, look it over for a while, then put it away. Then she picks up another book and does the same, etc, etc, until it's done. *sigh* I think part of my issues w/ it is that I just want it DONE. I don't see why they have to dawdle... it just needs to be done.

Topic 4: Dairy is extremely difficult to avoid.


melissa said...

I understand on the weather!! It was chilly for us today!

That's great that you have such a wonderful family support system!

I sometimes dawdle too but completely understand on just wanting to get it all done! I find making a game of cleaning helps here! Or just having hubby clean :)

sorry about having to avoid dairy. now that's tough!

Mommy said...

1. Snow sounds fun, but I would never want to live it in
2. I love my mommy too.
3. ITU
4. Avoiding dairy is a pita!