Friday, December 5, 2008

The One Where We Play Hookie

This blog is so much easier to blog in... no having to sign in and out and anyone can post a reply w/out having to have a blogger blog. I like that...

We're playing hookie today. Homeschoolers can't really play hookie unless it's from an organized activity w/ other homeschoolers. We were supposed to go to Friday School this morning, but Sammy was up hourly last night and still lethargic w/ a bit of a fever this morning. Levi is complaining about a yucky stomach & Alyssa (the baby) seems off still too. *sigh* But it's all good... Alyssa and Sammy are sleeping and the other 3 are watching a movie, so I'm cleaning! It's already starting to look better in here... which is good. I have a lady coming to pick up a puppy tonight & I like the house presentable when people come over. NOT an easy task w/ 5 children in the house. But I'll do it... it's worth it to be down to 6 puppies. :)

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