Friday, December 12, 2008

The One About Snow

This morning we woke up to 6+ inches of snow! The kids were so excited that they were bundled up and ready to go out by 8:20! We went outside to play, but it only lasted about 35 minutes before Sammy was complaining that he was too cold. It was pretty chilly... but SO NICE to finally get outside. I feel like we've been cooped up for too long. Unfortunately the snow wasn't good snowman snow, but kids seem to be pretty resourseful and have fun in it no matter what. They made snow angels, tried to do snowball fights, ate the snow and made tracks all over the yard in it. They had a really good time.

While I was out there I realized how nice it is not to be pregnant. Even with Alyssa in the sling I was able to move around the yard and play w/ the kids so much easier than I could when I was pregnant. My hip and back problems are correcting themselves now and it's so freeing to be able to move with minimal pain again!

OFF TOPIC: (This is becoming daily.. maybe I should make it a daily thing! Lol!) I realized that Smart Balance has dairy in it! So I really haven't been off dairy yet at all. *sigh* So... Today is the REAL day 1 of being dairy free (hopefully) Alyssa's skin was starting to clear up just w/ cutting back on the dairy, so hopefully her other problems will resolve themselves once our bodies are clear of dairy for a few weeks. This is more difficult than I remembered it being.

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