Monday, June 22, 2009

The Grumpy One... for June

I was so grumpy today. It didn't help that Alyssa is super fussy today as well, but *I* was most likely the grumpiest of us all. I don't even really know why.... and I hate it when that happens. I needed to change it, so I brought everyone outside and started to plant a flowerbed out in the back yard. It's pretty... it's looking good... unfortunately Alyssa started screaming about 10 mins before I finished. Yes, I'll admit... I finished and sang to her over her crying, hoping to calm her down.

It didn't help much. I was hoping it does. Gardening usually lifts my spirits a bit.... but I think w/ Alyssa crying and me feeling rushed and harried at the end it just didn't do the trick.

Maybe a large bowl of ice cream will tonight.... (And yes... I do have the points, Rachael!! lol! )

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Rachael said...

who, me? Do I talk about points alot?