Monday, June 8, 2009

The One About a Well

Wow... so... no bites on the house yet. HA ha! Actually we have found that we apparently have no rights to the well. Or at least no deeded rights. This is insane, really. We were told one thing and now find out we were flat out lied to when we bought this house. Thanks Michele Tahy and Whitbeck Associates. Blech!

We got an estimate and will be putting a well in next week. Craziness... but it'll be good...

Just waiting on God's timing in all this and doing what we need to do to make it happen. :) That peace that surpasses all understanding is pretty amazing stuff. ;)


JayLeigh said...

I'm so glad God is giving you peace about this! It can be so hard to wait sometimes, but He will definitely work it all out in good time. His timing is perfect! Hugs and prayers!

Rachael said...

It'll all come together, right? Your dream house is on the horizon. Praying for you.