Thursday, June 11, 2009

The One With the "Guy Factor"

Levi is 8 and I often just view him as one of my children, not his own person and certainly not that he's a 'guy' (i.e. male). So when he seems to ignore my request I get frustrated. This evening I had something dawn on me. Here's how it played out.

Levi sitting on couch reading a new book.
James eating but not involved in anything.

Me: "Boys. I need you to put your shoes by the front door."
James hops up and does it immediately.
Levi continues reading.
I do nothing... just continue my cleaning.
James: "Levi, Mom said to put your shoes by the front door." (he got right in Levi's space so interrupted his reading.)
Levi: "No. Mom said to take them off by the back door."

Interesting. I DID say to take them off when he first came in from outside.... so he completely didn't even hear me when I said to put them by the front door. Sounds just like what his dad does when he's involved in something... he seemingly ignores what I say... but in all reality never hears me!

I guess it's a "guy thing".

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