Friday, June 12, 2009

The One About the Breads that Never Stop

Amish Frienship Bread and Sourdough Bread never stop... you take some from it, add some to it and it keeps going and going. I've had Amish Friendship Bread starter for 20 days now and have made a whopping 12 loaves so far. Sheesh! That's a lot of bread. I've found that it does freeze... and I also made some of the loaves into muffins, bundt cake and such. I don't have enough friends to keep giving the starter to, so I devised a new plan that I'm trying this week. Today I only added 1/2 the ingredients you're supposed to and only scooped 2 cups of the started into ziplocs so I only have 2 bags of starter this week instead of 4. I did end up tossing one bag. Eek. I felt guilty, but I didn't have enough ingredients for it. It sure is yummy once it's cooked and I enjoy experimenting with it. This week I have a vanilla bundt cake that I'm going to serve w/ strawberries, 2 loaves of butterscotch, 2 doz mini muffins and 1 loaf that are french vanilla w/ craisins and white choco chips. We'll see how these turn out once they are done baking... right now it sure smells good in here!

And the sourdough bread... I started my starter about 2 weeks ago. I made a loaf the other night and Matt is raving about it. He loves it. So I'm going to keep it up as long as I remember to feed and care for the starter. We'll see how long it lasts!!

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