Friday, June 26, 2009

The One About the Porch Garden

Since our house is on the market and our soil doesn't grow veggies very well (or perhaps I don't tend garden well enough??) I decided to plant some tomatoes and herbs on the porch. I had planned to do lettuce too, but after I was given some extra tomato plants I decided to plant those instead of the lettuce. I didn't have enough boxes for both. Here are some pictures... as you can see mybasil looks very sad, tho 1/2 of it rallied w/ good sunshine yesterday!

And Beth wanted me to take a picture of the flowers as well:


Rachael said...

The plants look beautiful but your new porch is what I noticed! LOOKS AWESOME!

Living With A Handful said...

I know!! Didn't they do a great job w/ it?? It looks completely different. :)

Rachael said...

They really did. I think that'll will help ALOT with finding buyers. It really spruces up the outside of your house.